Worst to First Jerseys: The Winnipeg Jets

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Dec 11th, 2012
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This installment of the Worst to First Jerseys features the Winnipeg Jets, and part of the series is hosting the full posts on the blog of the team that’s being featured. The full version of this post is on the blog Jets Nation. You can check it out by clicking here. And much thanks to Jonathan Willis from Jets Nation for hosting this post.

Do you want your team featured? I’ll be contacting blogs for each team throughout the year, so keep a look out for it. Or, let me know which blog I should be contacting for your favourite team. For now, here’s a preview of my post about the Jets:

The big question for the Jets is which jerseys should be included? Did I ignore the jerseys of the Jets incarnation that moved to Phoenix to become the Coyotes? Or, do I include the jerseys of the Atlanta Thrashers, the same organization that now resides in Winnipeg? Or, do I decide to get really lazy, ignore both and make this the easiest post to write ever, with only their current jersey? Or do I throw everything into the mix since I’ll never get the chance to tear apart some awful Thrashers jerseys? Sure, why not.

Here’s how this works: I’ll count down, from worst to first, all the jerseys the Jets have ever worn. Homes and aways will be lumped into the same category (so, more of a jersey “era”) and I won’t worry about small changes (like slightly changed positions of piping for example). Third jerseys will stand on their own. And I’m focusing on the jerseys only, not the entire uniform. The jersey images are compliments of the fine people over at nhluniforms.com. For the Jets (and Thashers combined), there’s 6 different jerseys/eras. And we’ll start with the worst one:

6. 2008-2011 Third Jersey (Thrashers)

Winnipeg fans, be glad that the Jets’ ownership had the good sense to ditch the Thrashers name and brand when they brought the team up from Georgia. Otherwise, you could be watching your team playing in these jerseys. That would be a sad way to being a new era of hockey in Winnipeg. Very sad. Sadder than this kitten.

The hardest thing in ranking the Thashers’ jerseys on this list is which should be the worst. Seriously, these jerseys are something awful. I’m all for trying out new things, but there’s more gaffes here then the entire a group of Republican nomination candidates, amirite? Yeah I know, that was months ago now, but it was low-hanging fruit.

First off, their actual logo is nowhere on the jersey. They have some modified alternative logo as shoulder patches, but that’s it. Granted, with a third jersey you can play around a little bit perhaps, but the thing that makes hockey jerseys great and unique compared to all the other major sports is the dominant placement of the logo. Football? Nope. Basketball? Nope. Baseball? Nope. None of them even have the entire logo on there.

And that’s my major complaint about these jerseys. They were designed to be non-hockey jerseys, meant to identify hockey with other sports that a non-hockey market like Atlanta likes better. Marketing 101: Don’t try to be something you’re not. Put your best foot forward and believe in what you have to sell. If the market is a good fit, whatever you’re selling will sell.

Other points, quickly, so I don’t waste too much time on this jersey: Emphasizing the first “R” in “Thrashers” on the jersey makes it look like Trashers. The oddly-shaped white blotches on the sleeves, meant to follow the form of the Edge jerseys, make no sense and follow the contours of the jersey materials for no reason other than that they’re there. The fonts on the jerseys for the nameplate and numbers are oddly constructed, with the 3 in the example above looking like it’s missing its middle arm. And for a font used on a hockey jersey, it’s (again) very non-hockey. Although I do appreciate them trying to use a more interesting font on their jerseys, this one is a complete miss.

What I do like is that they tried using a more unique colour on their jersey: a maroon/burgundy colour, which is unique among the NHL teams. The rest of the piping on the jersey is okay, but again, things just stop and start seemingly in the middle of nowhere except to follow the contours of the jersey, which aren’t really noticeable anyway unless you’re looking up close.

This jersey deserves a double facepalm. Can me move on now?

Jersey Recommendation: How about #21 Eager. He was with the team for half a season, which is more than this jersey deserved. Plus, the guy’s a tool, and so is this jersey.

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