2013 Stanley Cup Champions: Chicago Blackhawks

In HbD Breakdown
Jun 26th, 2013

Blackhawks-SC-636Nailed it! Superior branding wins out and the Chicago Blackhawks takes home the Cup this year. Overall, branding and design went 10-for-15 in the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. Not too bad.

And of course, congratulations to the Blackhawks are in order. In all seriousness, the quality of hockey over the final series was great and the stunning way in which they won made for an ending for the ages. I apologize to all the Bruins fans reading this, but I have to admit – as a Canucks fan – I took a certain pleasure in watching what happened in the last 90 seconds of Game 6 on Monday night. But hey, you still have infinitely more Cup victories than the Canucks do (because anything multiplied by 0 is still 0), so don’t feel too badly. And hey, hope the porn was good! And yes, watching porn after losing is much better than rioting.

Anyway, the Blackhawks deserved the victory and congrats to them. Their President’s Trophy might have an asterisk, but there’s no way this Cup victory should. They were the better team in all of their match-ups.

As for myself, I’ll be taking chunks of the summer off, but I’m planning changes to the site over the next couple months and will update sporadically, when I can.

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