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Feb 20th, 2014

Store-636It’s safe to say all of you love hockey. Not all of you are designers, but if you read this blog, you’re a design lover, or at least a design appreciator. And so are we here at Hockey By Design, which is why we design not only as our regular job, but in our spare time as well. With that, we want to share with you some stuff that we’ve created over the last few months and give you the opportunity to own some exclusive Hockey By Design products through the opening of our store.

The store is hosted on a different (and totally secure) site that has some other exclusive products you can buy, but there’s a special section just for hockey stuff, and you can find our store right here.

What can you find there? For now, there’s a series of posters of famous hockey calls turned into posters, including the Olympics-themed Crosby’s “Golden Goal” and the 1980 “Miracle on Ice”.


Regular readers of the blog know we’re Canucks fans, so there’s a couple posters of probably the best hockey call of one of the biggest goals in the Canucks history (by both Shorthouse and Hughson).


As well as a couple other ones, for both Pittsburgh and Buffalo fans.


There’s another series focusing on classic and deceased hockey teams and designs (like Hartford, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Quebec and Minnesota).


Hope you like what’s there and more products will be worked on as we have time to develop more! If you have any suggestions for either series of posters, let us know in the comments below or shoot us an email

And feel free to snoop around the rest of the store. Lots of great stuff there, or at least we think so. There may be a few kinks getting worked out as we go through the first few days of the store being open, but we’ll do our best to make sure that we get you your posters, or any other product you order, as fast as possible.

Thanks, and now back to your regular posts about professional hockey design here at HbD…




2 Responses to “HbD News: Hockey By Design…The Store!”

  1. Adam says:

    One suggestion for Red Wings call poster: Yzerman’s game 7 OT winner against the Blues.

    “Gretzky had it. Lost it. Yzerman picks it up. Yzerman moving, blueline. Chance. Scores! Steve Yzerman! Detroit Wins!”

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