HbD Breakdown: Vegas Golden Knights Third Jersey

In Ally Koss
Oct 14th, 2020

Recently, the Vegas Golden Knights unveiled their third jersey that was rumoured to be unveiled years ago…*checks notes*…oh, sorry, earlier this year? Like, in January? Wasn’t January like a decade ago? Weird.

Anyway, it’s been unveiled finally. And it’s gold. Very gold. Literally. But figuratively, is it gold? Keep reading to find out.

Well, Vegas is gonna Vegas

From day one the Golden Knights have embraced the glitz and glam of their home city, and with the release of these golden third jerseys that sentiment has never been more true. 

“The ideation behind the jersey, which was created and came to life with the help of adidas and support from the NHL, is bold and bright just like the community that we are all proud to call home. It is truly reflective of the sports and entertainment capital of the world and reinforces the Vegas Golden Knights’ push for innovation. The third jersey advances our brand and is the perfect way to represent the pride we all share in being #VegasBorn.” said Vegas Golden Knights Chief Marketing Officer Brian Killingsworth.

And in classic Vegas fashion, the release “hype” video featured none other than Wayne Newton and Lil John with their own takes of Viva Las Vegas while sporting the new gold threads…you can’t make this stuff up. 

All That Glitters Is Gold

The primary design feature of the jersey is…brace yourself…the gold color and material of the jersey. All other aspects in terms of logos, striping patterns, numbering and filigree detailing are in-line with the existing home and away jerseys.

The Knights and adidas have touted these as the first all-metallic gold jerseys in the history of the NHL. An easy-ish claim to make given that teams like Pittsburgh, Boston and vintage Los Angeles have all sported an iteration of “gold” that in reality is a deep, bold shade of yellow. What separates these Vegas jerseys from those is the first-of-its kind metallic knit iteration of the Adizero jersey. The metallic knit gives the jersey a true sparkle and glittery gold look.

As the initial reviews of the jersey have rolled in, a consensus has been that it really does have a metallic gold shimmer and that the photography doesn’t quite do it justice versus seeing it in person. The rest of us will have to wait until next season to see what it looks like on the ice and under the arena lights. One thing is for sure – it’s definitely unique and if any city has the ability to pull off a gaudy gold jersey it’s Vegas.

Missing the (Secondary) Mark 

As previously mentioned, all other elements of the jersey have remained unchanged. The color blocking/striping and subtle filigree detail on the sleeves, as well as the two stripes on the tail have kept the same layout, just adjusted in color to accommodate the gold base.

The primary logo remains on the chest, and because it also features a lot of gold, it fails to provide a punch of contrast like it does so well on both the steel grey and the white versions. That’s the first reason why it feels like a missed opportunity to utilize the secondary (shoulder) logo on the chest.

Reason number two is that these are third jerseys…which are typically different (or retro, which Vegas obviously gets a pass on) from a team’s two primary jerseys in ways that go beyond color only. Granted, this color difference is an in-your-face, shimmery bright gold…but still. And lastly, the Golden Knights have a secondary logo that is actually really, really good. Why not feature it here?

Most teams have secondary logos that belong on the shoulder as a patch simply because they fill that space well and really have no business being used anywhere else. That’s just not the case with Vegas. The iconic red Vegas star paired with the crossed swords could easily stand on its own as the primary chest logo on these golden jerseys…and not to mention provide a nice pop of red that would play well with the red sleeve striping.

Final Verdict

Opinions will assuredly vary on these golden threads, but say what you will, there’s no arguing that they are 100% on brand for the Golden Knights. The city of Las Vegas is over-the-top, it’s bright neon lights, it’s all about high-rollers and big money…and it’s all about glitzy gold. These jerseys are the representation of all those things, so by that measure alone we can call ‘em a jackpot. 

Vegas, baby, vegas.

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