John Gibson

By Ally Koss
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May 15th, 2017
Well, we’re half way there and down to the final four. While our pick of Fleury’s tribute mask prevailing held true in real life hockey, Ja...
By Ally Koss
Apr 27th, 2017
What started with 16 is now down to eight as half the masks in this year’s playoffs have advanced on to round two. Some of our first round picks ...
By Ally Koss
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Apr 13th, 2017
March Madness may be over, but now we have a new bracket to fill out, because for the third year running, the playoff battle royale of goalie masks has...
By Ally Koss
Aug 29th, 2016
Hockey’s getting back into the swing of things a little earlier this year with the return of the World Cup of Hockey, kicking off at Toronto’s Air...
Aug 19th, 2015
by Ally Koss Even with the start of the 2015-16 almost 2 months away, more and more new masks are being unveiled by the day. We’ve already covered so...