HbD News: 2014 Heritage Classic Jerseys Announced

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Nov 28th, 2013

HeritageClassic-636This morning, conveniently during a Vancouver road trip through Ottawa, the jerseys for the 2014 Heritage Classic between the Canucks and the Senators in Vancouver were announced, with the respective captains modelling them.

For the Canucks, they’re bringing back their Vancouver Millionaires jersey that they wore for one game against Detroit last year. As far as I can tell, it’s the exact same jerseys from last year, so you can read my take on it in my post from last year. In a nutshell: they’re great and I love them as an alternate historic jersey.

For the Senators, their jerseys are basically the away version of their alternate jerseys, with the off-white and black colours swapping places to create a light-coloured jersey, and that’s about it. I have no problem with this at all, as they’re extremely classy jerseys that are aesthetically dripped in history, so it’s a good choice. The black versions are also the best jerseys that the Senators have ever worn. What I said about the them in my Worst to First Jerseys post:

But this jersey, this is a perfect balance of historical and contemporary aesthetics to create a third jersey that actually makes sense for a team, instead of just an exercise in increasing jersey sales.… It also connects to the Senators’ historical jersey with the use of stripes going across the chest…The stripes are not as loud and obnoxious as the historical jersey because of the reduced repitition of it. Plus, the two thick stripes were used previously along the bottom of their original modern era jerseys, so it has a foot in modern hockey aesthetics as well. It’s repeated at the base of the jersey with the exact same thickness as what’s on the sleeves (or as best as can be because of the rounded bottoms of the jersey). The stripes on the chest are thicker than the others, but it’s still two equi-thick lines, so it works.

This will be a beautiful game to watch, with very historic looking jerseys set outside against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and Coastal Mountains…unless it rains (likely) and they keep the roof at BC Place closed (very likely) and it like actually look more like an indoor game (definitely). But I’ll still be watching.


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