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In John van der Woude
Nov 14th, 2016
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barnmag-636Here at HbD, we love hockey and we love design. So, when we heard about a new hockey mag that is dedicated to providing unique and thoughtful hockey analysis and stories, as well as being very design-focused, we can’t help but support it.


It’s called Barn Magazine, and they need your support. There’s only a few days left to support their Kickstarter to get the magazine off the ground, and it’s something that deserves your support.

Full disclosure: I have worked on the magazine, doing their layout design. But just like this website, it’s been a labour of love so far, and regardless of my involvement, I’d still be writing this post to support getting this magazine into full publication.


The best way to support Barn is to go to their Kickstarter page right now and sign up for a subscription to make sure you get a copy when it comes out – and there’s lots more incentives on their Kickstarter page.

Still need convincing? Here’s some pretty cool support they’ve gotten over their campaign so far from some major players in the hockey publishing business:



Again, Barn Magazine looks awesome (both aesthetically and content-wise) and they need your support to exist! I know I have (and will continue to do so as long as it’s around). At least, go check it out and see what it’s all about.


Visit the Barn Magazine Kickstarter Page




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