Top 5: NY Islanders Logo Concepts

In Chad Pinckney
Mar 27th, 2015

NYIConcepts-636by Chad Pinckney

In order to keep our keyboard weary fingers on the pulse of the latest NHL design, sometimes it’s necessary to go a little deeper down the rabbit-hole. In this Top 5 edition we are showcasing some of our favorite logo concepts in the design community from all around the internet. Today’s focus: the New York Islanders. The Isles have been making serious waves this season and their popularity is on the rise. Would now be a good time for a slight re-branding? These designers seem to think so…


NYIConcepts-5Adam Patton (Minneapolis, MN) :: Website :: Concept Source Page

This familiar looking ‘NY’ mark has been designed with a fun sense of 3D-ish depth, and letter over-lapping that makes it a little more interesting than the Isles current chrome alternate jersey logo. Also, the alternating blue and orange colors of the NY are pretty fresh; something that we haven’t seen before. The main concern here: could this logo hold it’s own amongst some of the more serious designs in the NHL? I would love to see this one without all that stick-tape.


NYIConcepts-4Bob Schultz (Atlanta, GA) :: Website :: Concept Source Page

This one deserves an inclusion on our list purely out of bravery of re-designing a ’90s logo that has been mocked by design community over and over again. The fisherman has been simplified from his original version, to mostly just a head, which apparently stopped fake-tanning and lost that orange glow he was so famous for, previously. This new fisherman has a classic feel and nobility built-in. I would trust this guy to get us back to land if stranded in a small boat on the ocean. Just saying. The overall design has a few technical fixes, color, lighting etc. that could use some attention, but, if the Isles dared bring him back…this could make a great shoulder patch or alternate.


NYIConcepts-3Elliot Strauss (Atlanta, GA) :: Website :: Concept Source Page

This lighthouse logo uses some softer blues and oranges than the Isles have traditionally used, but the geometric quality of this design is pretty sharp, and frankly I think New York should utilize the lighthouse imagery more. The designer claims there is a hidden ‘I’ in the negative space of the lighthouse, which was not easy for me to see. I appreciate hidden objects in logos, would totally encourage doing this, and the lighthouse shape is well suited for it. With a little more design consideration this one could be a top concept.


NYIConcepts-2Quentin Brehler (Quincy, MA) :: Website :: Concept Source Page

This concept features the Montauk lighthouse in Long Island fused with an anchor, a rather obvious element we have not seen a lot of in Isles concepts. The anchor here works nicely and doesn’t seem too busy, well, at least not as busy as the Isles classic NY mark overlapping Long Island. The forgettable san-serif type being used in this new version’s NY could be re-visited by the designer, but overall the alternating blue, white and orange shadows throughout this logo are really interesting and was overall executed very well.



Kristopher Bazen (Columbus, OH) :: Website :: Concept Source Page

This lighthouse concept is a shining example of the fine balance between flat vector shaping and use of highlights in a logo. Combined with a sharp color treatment this logo has me convinced that the Isles could totally pull off using the lighthouse imagery as a primary mark. I’m not 100% sold on the blue gradients used on the shield, and also, I think seeing this logo integrated with typography may give it a different feel, but seriously this lighthouse is awesome! The treatment of the searchlight is reminiscent of a camera “flash” used by the hoards of visitors who flock to the proud state of New York. Whether this was intentional or not, it is very fitting as the Islanders continue to be in the spotlight.

(Ed. note: Kris Bazen is no stranger to this site, having been interviewed for his work on the infamous Buffaslug)


What do you think? Have you seen other awesome Islanders concepts out there? What team would you like to see featured next in this series of Top 5 posts? Let us know in the comments below!


22 Responses to “Top 5: NY Islanders Logo Concepts”

  1. rick mathieu says:

    I really like #5. I like logos that you can tell what it is representing just from the logo. #3 & #1 are both effective in that they use the landmark of the lighthouse, and it could also be seen as a hockey goal with the light on top, but that may be too subtle to be realized.

    • Admin says:

      Never thought about the goal light connection, but if that was intended on the part of the designers, very smart.

  2. Jason Smith says:

    I don’t agree with any of these for rebranding a team moving to Brooklyn from Long Island

    #5 Looks like a bandage rather than taping on a stick

    #4 The fisherman looks nice and up to date, but it’s a fisherman, and we’ve been down that road before

    #3 My favorite of the 5 because of the colors, but I would remove the “I” and just show “LI”

    #2 The font, colors and the anchor don’t work. It’s #5 on my list

    #1 Like the goal light in the lighthouse. Combine that with #3 and you might have something.

  3. Jack Smith says:

    Um, number 1 is nice, but it’s kinda been done before.

  4. John Tandlich says:

    Reflecting the Islanders move to Brooklyn in October, and to still maintain ties with the Nassau and Suffolk fan base, my suggestion for an alternate or shoulder patch logo would be a map of Long Island including Queens and Brooklyn, similar to the current logo, with an image of the Brooklyn Bridge on one side and the Montauk Lighthouse on the other.

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  8. Malee says:

    The NHL has a scripted rspnoese for over half of their teams being below last year’s attendance… “It’s still football season.” I am getting close to the end with this sport. I GAVE AWAY opening night tickets to the Washington Capitals… who the hecht wants to see the Canes play? Simply put, this league is S-O-F-T. I laugh when I hear coaches say they are “team tough.” The NHL has lost a huge population of fans that loved tough hockey. What we have now is pathetic. But why stop now? Let’s expand.

  9. Hey Justin!This will be for you then! I think we are clear to launch on Friday! Make sure you on my list I will keep you posted!Chad Nicely invites you to read..

  10. Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flabbergasting.

  11. IMHO you’ve got the right answer!

  12. hkynik_55 says:

    I don’t think that number one is a concept at all. I played a team with the same logo up in Boston… at least my memory says that I’ve seen that before

  13. Arthur says:

    Bob Schultz’ fisherman is RIDICULOUSY NICE. Someone should pitch it to the team for a future alternate. They key would be to use his color scheme— Grayish Blue— faded orange and rain slicker yellow— NO TEAL! And put it on a conservative jersey. No crazy waves or too many rainbow colored stripes all over the place.

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