Black Ice Jerseys Suck

In John van der Woude
Sep 29th, 2011

I have to thank the fine people at Pass It To Bulis for making me aware of this new horrific marketing ploy by the design-imps at the NHL and Reebok. These are awful. Simply awful. If I wanted to take my jerseys, rub it around in ashes and attach as little colour as possible, I would have saved myself $160 and brought my jerseys and crayons camping with me this past summer.

C’mon, really? The pink jersey phenomenon I can stomach because, well, pink can be cute on the right people. And at least the base colour is white so there’s a modicum of contrast on the jersey. But these? These are truly awful and an obvious cash grab by Reebok:


“Hey Bob, you know those pink jerseys that sold so well for women and girls? Well, why don’t we do the same kind of thing for boys and men?”

“Jim, wouldn’t they just wear the proper team jerseys?”

“No, they want something different too! Something cool! Manly and guy-esque!”

“Hockey jerseys aren’t manly?”

“Well, but we want them more manly. Black jerseys! All of them! Dark, thug-like jerseys that men and boys will buy like hotcakes.”

“Wouldn’t that look awful.”

“Probably, but it’s my idea and I’m an idiot with blinders on to any other opinion except my own. I’m also your boss and will fire you if you don’t make it happen.”

“Coolio Jim. I’m on it.”


Do not buy these jerseys people! They are ugly, an insult to your team’s original jerseys and will only convince the marketing people at Reebok that they need to make more shit like this.

If you really want one, spend less money and send your jersey to me and I’ll find some ashes to rub it in next summer.

13 Responses to “Black Ice Jerseys Suck”

  1. Hockey fans need to chill out. This whole LEAVE EVERYTHING ALONE AND NEVER CHANGE ANYTHING mentality is why hockey is not very successful here. The fact hat people give folks so much grief for custom jerseys is laughable already. If someone wants to make a weird alternate jersey… Let em. I think the backlash against these jerseys has made me want one more… I only wear black in daily life, the “black ice” Capitals jersey is up my alley. All my motorcycle clothes are red and black… I have been wearing my rookie season, black, Ovechkin jersey for years now, and it looks the part, very ragged. I think a John Erskine Black Ice jersey would be pretty dope. Thumbing your nose at the establishment is the most American thing I can think of… Thank you.

    • Admin says:

      Totally open to debate on these jerseys. It’s definitely not my style, and I’m not a fan generally of a team having a whole slough of jerseys out there because usually, it’s for nothing more than to make money. But there’s always a subjectivity to aesthetics that I can appreciate, and others will love this jersey I’m sure, like yourself. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Richard Mitchell says:

    Wow Im sorry i have to say this Editor of this article but that is the most Critical and retarded take on these jerseys. Its about difference and unique ness and by the way a f**king car has nothing to do with these jerseys…. an arena is lit up outside so if thats what you were implying than your need to go to a game…. These jerseys are unique and different. Which makes them so great. Its something not everyone has yet so to try to make these colors blend and succeed like reebok did im impressed. I personally just ordered a miller one. So once again, these jerseys pop….. you cant honestly tell me with a straight face that if you were walking inside of an arena or were an avid hockey fan and you caught a glimpse of this jersey you wouldnt not stare at it because it was something you dont see often and that is very unique. 🙂 Thank you editor for your blind stupidity and goodnight. sorry for not being so polite 🙂

    • Admin says:

      Yes, I probably would stare at it. But a lot of people stare at train wrecks too as they pass by.

      Sorry man, not a fan of these things at all. They’re a horrible design.

  3. Richard Mitchell says:

    Your completely missing the point man…. Your using Contrast to draw away from the subjecy. A train wreck has nothing to do with hockey or a fucking jersey in general… And yeah Of course its a friggin cash grab for reebok… DUH!!!! or else they wouldnt produce them to buy anywhere and only let the players use it. Theres a ton of different jersey styles The st pattys/white out/ Pink/ For christ sakes they reproduce what they can to make money… THATS WHAT A COMPANY DOES…..and also these are far from a horrible design, Their use of contrast between black and grey and the accent of the main team’s color is quite Nice…… and dude it isnt that hard to get a brand freaking new one for 80 bucks…. You dont always have to look for the highest price you can.. I just got my brand friggin new one for 80 bucks which is the authentic 52 adult size so…. i honestly still dont understand how you can write something so dumb bitching how reebok is trying to make a buck…..once again their a friggin company and of course their going to do it… Look at warrior, their a rising brand in the NHL. Shitload of players have switched over to them for trying something new and different…. I can bet they did it to make a profit.

  4. richard mitchell says:

    i just got mine in the mail… and they look a hell of a lot different from the pictures or even the real life pics… 8.5/10

  5. RIchard Mitchell says:

    I do understand why you may not like them admin, but of course their going to make these for money…Thats kinda what every company/team or anything that alot of people like do.

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  7. Christine Guinn says:

    That’s funny, because every time I wear my Black Ice StL Blues jersey, people say that they LOVE it! Same goes for my black STL Cardinals jerseys.

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